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Hot Stamp Foil Custom Imprinted Labels


Hot Stamp Foil Imprinted Labels

Enhanced Images hot stamp imprint process utilizes pressure and heat to create Decorative metallic labels and tags.  An essential element of hot stamp printing is the use of an engraved plate with raised images.  The ink used in hot stamping is a roll of dry ink.  To print a label or tag with a hot stamp, the engraved plate is heated and then forced down against the label or tag material with the dry ink sandwiched in between.  The heated, raised images of the plate are pressed against the dry ink and onto the label material.  Only the dry ink that has come in contact with the raised images is applied to the label or tag.

Hot stamp printing is unique in iits ability to apply a shiny metallic foil imprint to a label or tag, a style that cannot be duplicated by water-based ink imprint processes.  Labels and tags printed with hot stamp stand out among other labels and tags as elegant, sophisticated and impressive.  One limitation to hot stamp printing, however, is the inability to control imprint colors.  The colors of try ink used in hot stamping are predetermined by the manufacturer and cannot be altered to any other colors or shades.


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